Catalyze simplifies healthcare compliance

Turn your compliance burden into an asset.

Cloud Computing for Healthcare

Developers and enterprises need a simple way to utilize cloud computing while mitigating compliance risk and maintaining the integrity, privacy, and security of sensitive data. The Catalyze Compliant Platform simplifies compliance so you can focus on what matters. We're not healthcare friendly, we're healthcare only.


Mobile Backend as a Service

Backend Service lets you focus on creating unique and engaging mobile apps.


Cloud Platform as a Service

Deploy, scale, and monitor custom apps on Catalyze’s compliant cloud platform.

Follow your inspiration

You have a great idea for a healthcare application but you fear the challenging task of building compliant infrastructure to power it, so you start looking at your options.

Build faster with catalyze

You find Catalyze and decide to use us for compliant infrastructure and APIs - whether it's for a mobile backend or custom application hosting, Catalyze provides the solution.

Focus on getting users

Add features and services like high availability, intrusion detection, SMS, and much more, all with the click of a button. Stop spinning your wheels on compliance and performance. Focus on growth.

Delight your users

Ship, manage, and scale your application all from within your Catalyze dashboard. Catalyze was built for healthcare so you, and your users, can rest easy knowing that data is safe and segmented inside our compliant cloud.

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