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Cloud Computing for Healthcare

Developers and enterprises need a simple way to utilize cloud computing while mitigating compliance risk and maintaining the integrity, privacy, and security of sensitive data. The Catalyze Compliant Platform simplifies compliance so you can focus on what matters. We're not healthcare friendly, we're healthcare only.



A healthcare platform for your apps with all the services needed for cloud compliance built in.

  • Backups & Archiving
  • End-to-End & at-rest Encryption
  • Unified Encrypted Logging

Compliant Add-ons

Extend your application and add value to customers with a menu of add-ons, APIs, and SDKs.

  • Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS)
  • Clinical Models (HL7, CCDA)
  • Secure Messaging (SMS + email)

Partners in Compliance

We'll help you use compliance to shorten your sales cycle and look like a compliance expert.

  • Shared Policies
  • Shared Risk
  • 3rd Party Audit Reports

Catalyze at 10,000ft


We're not just healthcare friendly, we are healthcare only. Collectively we have spent 25+ years in health tech.


With Catalyze, being compliant means scaling without linear pricing. Don't settle for less.

Test Data

Testing an HL7 interface? Demoing your product? Create fake patient data on demand.


Manage all compliance in one place and reap the efficiency benefits. Let us take the burden.

Health APIs

Store and access health data easily using RESTful JSON. Parse HL7/CCDA in and out.


System logs? PHI access tracking? We have you covered with dashboards and an API.

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There are tons of variability and complexity in healthcare - compliance, data, enterprises. Learn from our collective experience, ask questions, and inform others trying to change healthcare.

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