The compliance and data partner for all of healthcare

Why We Exist Helping Healthcare Transition

We believe the future of value-based patient care will be powered by HIPAA compliant, scalable, interoperable infrastructure. Our cloud exists to help all of healthcare transition to that future.

What We Are Healthcare's HITRUST CSF Certified Cloud

Catalyze provides HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF Certified infrastructure for application developers across healthcare. Catalyze relieves the burden of compliance so teams can focus on bettering patient outcomes. We think compliance should be the last thing innovators think about, and not a barrier to progress.

How We Create Value Integration Breeds Innovation

We believe integration is key to bettering patient outcomes. Health system administrators functionally innovate through rapid prototyping of internal projects or assimilation of external solutions to real problems. Integration accelerates innovation because powerful ideas have little impact until they are first-class citizens of the health information system.

What We Believe Trust Is Earned

  • Faster innovation within healthcare is possible, and is the key to bettering patient outcomes.
  • Healthcare application development shouldn't be harder than other industry just because of HIPAA. Products shouldn't compete on HIPAA compliance and interoperability, which should be standard components.
  • Give back to the healthcare community whenever possible. Use open source tools whenever possible. Our open source contributions
  • We know we can't make healthcare better alone. Industry collaboration is important. Work together for the greater good.
Our People

Our People

Catalyze's vision is derived from the company's holistic view of healthcare. The team includes members previously at Rackspace, the NSA, Epic, NASA, Equifax, and industries such as meteorology, telephony, and pharmaceuticals. We're dedicated to a culture of transparency.
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