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The compliance and data partner for all of healthcare

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Why We Exist

Helping Healthcare Transition

We believe the future of value-based patient care will be powered by HIPAA compliant, scalable, interoperable infrastructure. We exist to help all of healthcare transition to that future by de-risking the challenges that come with it.

What We Are

The Platform for Digital Health

Datica is the digital health platform powering the next era of healthcare technology. In a post-EHR world, technology focused on outcomes will be brought together with the patient at the center. Those businesses and tools, innovations and technologies need a platform to enable the cloud, resolve compliance, facilitate interoperability, and enact security. Datica is that platform.

How We Do It

Healthcare's HITRUST CSF Certified Cloud

Datica provides HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF Certified cloud-based infrastructure for developers across healthcare. We relieve the burden of compliance so teams can focus on bettering patient outcomes, and think compliance should be the last thing innovators think about. Our approach to integration removes interoperability as a barrier while creating a trusted networked world using open standards.

How We Create Value

Integration Breeds Innovation

We believe connection is key to bettering patient outcomes. Health system administrators functionally innovate through rapid prototyping of internal projects or assimilation of external solutions to real problems. Integration accelerates innovation because powerful ideas have little impact until they are first-class citizens of the health information system.

What We Believe

Trust Is Earned

  • Transparency is how complex subjects, like HIPAA or HL7, become easier to understand. We're trusted because we're transparent.
  • Healthcare application development shouldn't be harder than other industry just because of HIPAA. Products shouldn't compete on HIPAA compliance and interoperability, which should be standard components.
  • Give back to the healthcare community whenever possible. Use open source tools whenever possible. Our open source contributions
  • We know we can't make healthcare better alone. Industry collaboration is important. Work together for the greater good.
May 2013

Company is originally founded as Catalyze by Travis Good, MD, and Mohan Balachandran, two friends focused on helping healthcare transition to value-based patient care.

Aug. 2013

Catalyze launches Mobile Backend as a Service as first product. Focuses on enabling health system and enterprise innovation groups speed up their development process.

Spring 2014

Blue Shield California and The Department of Veterans Affairs become customers, establishing Catalyze as a trusted partner.
Dept. of Veteran AffairsBlue Shield of California

June 2014

Catalyze launches first-ever HIPAA compliant Platform as a Service focused on enabling digital startups to build applications in an experience similar to Heroku.

October 2014

Catalyze completes first managed integration, a service which now helps customers send and receive millions of messages per day.


The Healthcare Innovation Series interviews some of the industry's best thought leaders asking the question How does healthcare innovate? The interviews were summarized in the ebook 7 Big Ideas.

July 2015

Catalyze achieves its first HITRUST CSF Certification, which has been renewed annually since.

Nov. 2015

Catalyze reaches 100 customers.

Dec. 2015

Catalyze evolves its managed integration services and launches Managed Integration

Feb. 2016

Catalyze broadens availability of Platform as a Service to enterprise healthcare vendors and health systems, relaunches as Compliant Cloud

Mar. 2016

Partnership with Microsoft announced, Azure support available. Partnership announcements with Salesforce and HOSTING soon follow.

Apr. 2016

Travis is founding member of the Business Associate Council within the HITRUST Alliance.

Sept. 2016

Catalyze raises $6.5 Million in Series B financing to meet the growing need of trusted connectivity within enterprise healthcare.

Feb. 2017

Catalyze is now Datica. Read about the transition

May 31, 2018
Datica Celebrates 5th anniversary as a compliance and security leader for the cloud.
March 5, 2018
Datica launches Kubernetes-enabled platform to extend aws and cloud accounts for customers.
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Datica Life
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Our People

Datica's vision is derived from the company's holistic view of healthcare. The foundation of the company is built from members previously at Rackspace, the NSA, Epic, NASA, Influence Health, Intel, and industries such as meteorology, telephony, and pharmaceuticals. The team is a strong mix of industry experts and entrepreneurial veterans. We're dedicated to a culture of transparency.

Our Leadership

A Strong Backing

Arthur Ventures
Baird Ventures
Chicago Ventures
Lewis and Clark Ventures