Catalyze Case Study

Cordata Gains Compliance Confidence from Clients and Investors with Catalyze


When a healthcare IT company struggles with compliance, Catalyze is ready to step in. Helping Cordata over the compliance hurdle has saved the Ohio company time, hassle and the cost of a full-time engineer. Yet the bonus value of Catalyze’s Platform as a Service became most evident during fundraising. Cordata’s CEO received nods of approval from investors when they realized the company’s technology is built upon the HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF Certified Catalyze platform.

Discover how Catalyze helped Cordata strengthen its compliance in this case study.

  • The Challenge: Build a HIPAA compliant infrastructure without interrupting engineer workflows
  • The Solution: Catalyze’s Platform as a Service and expertise to provide compliance direction for product development
  • The Advantage: Cordata gains greater confidence in its own security practices
  • The Opportunities: Investors immediately trust Cordata’s infrastructure based upon its partnership with HIPAA security experts at Catalyze
“We are seeking to build confidence with many stakeholders. When I mention Catalyze, I get nods of recognition and no more questions asked about infrastructure.”
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Gary M. Winzenread
CEO & President, Cordata