Everything you need to know about HIPAA compliance

Become an expert in a single coffee break

A guide written by the authoritative voices on HIPAA compliance

Over the many years Catalyze has been providing HIPAA compliant cloud solutions to healthcare companies large and small, we have amassed a comprehensive understanding around what makes HIPAA confusing.

We have empathy for the anxieties you encounter and the confusion even veteran healthcare leadership confide within us. We understand the questions we are asked and the curiosities newcomers have. It is because of this unique position as HIPAA experts in the healthcare community that we decided to aggregate the most important topics into a condensed, easily digestible guide for those looking to quickly gain literacy around HIPAA.

This guide will walk you through important definitions and concepts, building on previous learnings. You will emerge armed with a basic understanding to HIPAA's purpose and rules, your obligations, and ways to address compliance.

  • Travis Good, MD Co-founder and CEO Previously at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Booz Allen Hamilton. An MD with an MBA focused on healthcare innovation. Read full bio
  • Mohan Balachandran Co-founder and President Healthcare industry veteran, including leadership role at Net.Orange (now part of Nanthealth). YCombinator alum. Read full bio
  • Adam Leko Chief Technology Officer Lead efforts in cybersecurity and architecture strategy for security and healthcare firms. Leads the technical vision for Catalyze.
  • Mark Olschesky Chief Data Officer Formerly responsible for EHR application security and organizational audits at Epic. National speaker on interoperability and integrations. Read full bio

The Catalyze guide to HIPAA compliance will answer all your nagging questions. Included in the guide:

  • HIPAA Overview: The origins and intent of HIPAA
  • Protected Health Information and why it is central to HIPAA
  • Definitions of a Covered Entity, Business Associate, Subcontractor, and which apply to you
  • The importance of Business Associate Agreements
  • How to prove compliance
  • Why HITRUST is critical
  • Administrative vs. Technical safeguards and obligations
  • How audits are done, including estimated costs
  • Finally, a simple explanation to whether you need to be compliant and how you achieve compliance