Mark Olschesky

Chief Data Officer

Mark joined Catalyze to help bring healthcare forward into the new era of value-based care. He believes in the value of openness and transparency, but the importance of privacy and security.

Since March 2015, Mark Olschesky has served as Chief Data Officer. Before joining Catalyze, Mark led clinical implementation teams at Epic Systems. During his time at Epic, Mark specialized in cross-application workflows, clinical workflow optimization and healthcare application security. He has since applied his skills to improving patient portal implementations at MEDSEEK (now Influence Health) and building tools for Safety Net communities at Moxe Health, where he was a Rock Health v4 Alumnus.

He has previously won awards for healthcare application design from Microsoft, Allscripts, UCSF and Twilio. He is a an active Open Source Health Data enthusiast and contributor. Mark graduated Magna Cum Laude from Dickinson College in 2006.