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Marcia Noyes

Company Backstory

Catalyze is founded by Mohan Balachandran and Travis Good, MD, two friends committed to bettering patient care. They were compelled to start Catalyze after seeing first hand the challenges healthcare faces re-inventing the wheel with compliance and integration.

Before starting Catalyze, the two founders explored healthcare from all angles—practicing and consulting to enterprise health systems and entrepreneurship. Catalyze's vision is derived from their holistic view of healthcare.

The team includes members previously at Rackspace, the NSA, Epic, NASA, Equifax, and industries such as meteorology, telephony, and pharmaceuticals.

Catalyze is headquartered in Madison, WI, but is built to be a distributed team. The company has raised $6 million in funding lead by Baird Capital, Arthur Ventures, and Chicago Ventures.

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After months of testing, Salesforce releases Health Cloud

Feb. 29, 2016

Six months after the initial introduction, Salesforce on Monday morning announced the general release of Salesforce Health Cloud, touted as a patient relationship management platform. The San Francisco-based customer relationship management giant released the product just ahead of the opening of HIMSS16 in Las Vegas.

Why EHR Integration is Crucial for Digital Health Innovation

Mar. 14, 2016

So what’s an ambitious developer to do? Good says whatever you do, don’t wait for the process or the access points to get easier, because there’s a lot more to consider: “EHR integration tends to be synonymous with message types, but if you’ve completed an integration with an EHR, you realize that it is much more of a process. It’s a journey. Message types, integration engines, and web services are one step in this process. Combining messages with programmed logic, security, and project management are just as essential to getting to the finish line of an integration.”

Catalyze partners with Microsoft

Mar. 02, 2016

Catalyze announced last week that it has added support for Microsoft Azure. It’s the third platform the company uses alongside Rackspace and AWS. “Azure gives us another infrastructure provider in the game, just to give our customers more options,” said Casey Bryson, chief strategy officer at Catalyze.

Catalyze on cusp of transformation in healthcare

Jan. 04, 2016

They quickly discovered they spent a majority of the time working on HIPAA compliance and the ability to pull data from electronic health records as opposed to working on the application, Good said. And they saw others facing the same problem, as everybody was “reinventing the wheel” and going through the same steps, he added.

Startup Catalyze introduces platform for EHR integration: 4 key points

Dec. 02, 2015

Catalyze, a HITRUST CSF Certified cloud provider has released Redpoint, a product that aims to make it easier for digital companies to connect their applications and software to major EHR platforms.