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We are the compliance and data foundation for industry and thought leaders, health systems and vendors.

Outcomes Achieved Through Partnership

All customers are treated as partners. These select case studies demonstrate Catalyze's commitment to our customer's success, whether it be revenue growth, reduced costs, broader reach, or increased engagement.

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Collectively Impacting Healthcare

One of the things Catalyze is most excited about is the breadth of innovation and creative ideas our customers are bringing to healthcare. Here we profile their unique origin stories, visions, and paths to success.

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Integrations with All Major EHRs

Strong knowledge of Electronic Health Records is critical to successful integrations. Catalyze works with and has integrated multiple sites for all major EHRs, from Epic to Cerner and beyond. We know how to manage EHR relationships.

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The Cloud Trusts Catalyze

Catalyze is writing the book on how to achieve compliance in the cloud. Our HITRUST certification extends to partners Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, while industry leaders like Salesforce Health Cloud choose Catalyze as a partner.

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The Preferred Partner with Health Systems

With over 300 site installations, health systems know and trust Catalyze. From the largest systems in the nation to community hospitals, all relationships are treated with respect, which is why we're constantly told, "We can't wait to work with you again!"

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A shared vision for the future of healthcare

“They met our goals, and, along the way, we discovered that Catalyze shared our view about the next generation of healthcare integration.”
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Catalyze surprised us when they proposed a customized solution; with our previous hosting company it was always – ‘take it or leave it.’
Mayank Thanawala
VP of R&D, HealthLoop
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“We are seeking to build confidence with many stakeholders. When I mention Catalyze, I get nods of recognition and no more questions asked about infrastructure.”
Gary Winzenread
CEO and President
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“We are big advocates for easy deployments. Catalyze quickly became the only option for us.”
Bryan Powell
Founder and CEO
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“Ultimately, we had to understand and implement the right HL7 messaging and workflow to correctly mirror the data models that the data flow required for parent/child. That’s the area that Catalyze has played a significant role in the process — knowing the nomenclature and the messaging that is HL7.”
Greg Tracy
CTO & Co-Founder
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By leveraging Catalyze's infrastructure services, the team at The VA were able to address patient engagement.

Veterans suffering from PTSD and their families immediately gained access to new self-help and tracking tools.
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“At some point, we realized, it’s not worth it to do ourselves; we should just scale with Catalyze.”
Tim Gueramy, MD
Cofounder and CEO
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“Even if we had spent the money to build in-house, integrating would have taken us three to six months compared to just a week using Catalyze.”
Chris Tyne
Vice President of Product
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How can we set you up for success?

Grow your business and increase its impact on healthcare. We relieve the burdens of compliance and integration so you can focus on the important problems. See how you can save money, create focus, and scale your company with Catalyze.

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Customer Spotlights

Catalyze customer Purple Binder seeks to put resources in the hand of every hospital social worker.

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Ever miss a healthcare appointment? For those of us in the general populace, it occasionally happens. For providers working with low-income patients, however, missed appointments is more of the norm.

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Communication Service for the Deaf logo

The Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) addresses the employment gaps and various other struggles the deaf and hard of hearing population face such as communication, education, and inclusion.

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Their mission: "To provide right-sized mobile treatment for complex cases through the power of technology, convenience and service."

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healthfinch logo

healthfinch has doubled its size within the last year as it has tackled increased demands on capacity, changes in regulations and standardization within healthcare organizations.

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mpirik logo

Joint replacements are expected to swell over 400% by 2030. Milwaukee's mpirik is here to help by solving orthopedic private practice challenges with technology.

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insightrx logo

The answer to "one-size-fits-all" approach to medical dosing. InsightRX is precision medicine made simple through machine learning and quantitative pharmacology.

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Arcadai logo

Of healthcare's structural problems, connecting data in the absence of sufficient standards looms large. Arcadia solves those big problems for health plans and provider groups nationwide.

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A trusted healthcare-only partner with the world's biggest cloud providers

“Healthcare is undergoing massive technological transformation. Catalyze's approach to HIPAA compliance means Microsoft Azure customers can utilize trusted solutions to privacy and data security which meet the highest levels of healthcare standards. We're excited to offer a HITRUST CSF Certified platform such as Catalyze in the Azure ecosystem.”
Nicole Herskowitz
Senior Director Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Corp.
Amazon AWS
“Healthcare is an industry in the midst of transitioning to the cloud, and AWS is strategically positioned to service the healthcare industry's computing needs. AWS’s work with Catalyze, a company that focuses on meeting healthcare’s unique compliance needs through security frameworks like HITRUST, helps position AWS to play a key role in the health industry’s transformation.”
Josh Hofmann
Global Lead, Partner Ecosystem
Amazon Web Services, Inc.
“We live in the age of the customer, and patients now expect personalized and engaging experiences with their healthcare providers. Health Cloud is all about building stronger patient relationships, and Catalyze is a valuable part of our journey towards creating a modern healthcare platform for patients, doctors, and everyone else involved in care.”
Joshua Newman, MD
Chief Medical Officer, GM
Salesforce Healthcare and Life Sciences

Focus on your core competency

Innovative organizations across healthcare depend upon Catalyze to relieve the burden of compliance and integration.

We help customers secure relationships with health systems

Vendors who use Catalyze can lean on our HITRUST CSF Certification and integration expertise to quickly establish relationships with systems across healthcare

We have successfully worked with all major EHRs

Our trust with health systems combined with our expertise in integration means you can count on successful integrations with any major EHR



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