Redpoint is your integration sherpa

Redpoint brokers healthcare integrations.It is intelligent workflow enablement, built specifically for digital health.

HITRUST CSF Certified Infrastructure

Integrations require a HIPAA compliant foundation before they even get started. Catalyze's cloud is HITRUST CSF Certified.


Intelligent workflows tailor-made for specific use cases which guide you through interface creation and setup.


Secure connections setup with the press of a button. VPNs that scale when you scale have never been this easy or reliable.


Redpoint owns the project management process so you can focus on your core capabilities.

Integration is a journey, not an API

Here's our secret: We look at integration as a process

Integration is a journey riddled with complexity and roadblocks. The first mistake is starting the journey without a guide. Addressing only the technical components won't get you to the finish.

Redpoint shepherds you through the process, automating steps that would otherwise take up valuable time and resources. The Redpoint result—faster, more complete data and workflow integration leading to increased adoption.

Redpoint leads the way. Once your integration route is mapped, it’s ready for every integration at a moment's notice. Scale to 10 or 100 or 1,000 sites without flinching.


Pre-configured bundles of EHR integrations that solve specific workflow requirements.

Scripts are custom-built workflows for digital health use cases. You select a Script such as enrolling patients in an application for a care management solution, collecting patient data for a clinical research platform, writing orders for a telemedicine services, or scheduling patients within patient portals. We do the rest.

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Streamline VPN connectivity to secure connections with any partner. Connectors scale as you scale.

EHR integration is only part of your challenge. You also need to create and manage secure connections, typically via VPN. This challenge grows exponentially at scale. Redpoint Connectors automate the creation and management of secure connections, eliminating that burden for you. It's magic your team will love.

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Offload project management duties to a committed team of experts so you can focus on your goals.

Coordination among all stakeholders is the single hardest component to scale. Redpoint project management workflow software allows you to manage hospital relationships, statuses, and data analytics related to integrations and interfaces. Now project management is a reliable piece of the integration puzzle that scales with you as your business grows.

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HITRUST CSF Certified Infrastructure

Catalyze's HITRUST CSF Certification gives you industry credibility overnight

Catalyze has led the industry with its HIPAA compliant Platform as a Service. Its platform is HITRUST CSF Certified, achieving the greatest industry privacy and security standards. Redpoint shares the Catalyze platform, which means customers can trust Redpoint with the same degree of confidence.

“At some point, we realized, it’s not worth it to do ourselves; we should just scale with Catalyze.”
Catalyze Customer Success Story

Catalyze shares the vision of simple, scalable integrations-as-an-asset that resonates with growth stage companies, like Austin-based DocbookMD. This case study explains how we took the burden of engineering costs off a fast growing healthcare IT company and made systems integrations a core component of the company’s critical collaboration platform for physician communication.

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Automated interface setup

An elegant UI guides the configuration of your interface requirements. Scripts take the guesswork out of selecting which interfaces you actually require.

Protocol agnostic

We worry about the messiness of various standards on your behalf. Scripts intelligently select the protocols which best fit your technical use case.

Every EHR, instantly

Redpoint works with every major EHR and use case on the market out of the box. Have a specific example? We're happy to discuss.

Interface control

Start, stop, and delete interface configurations at will. You have complete control over all integration components related to a Script, a first for the industry.

Managed projects

Redpoint comes with a sophisticated project management plan that scales as you scale. It eliminates the communication gaps which can occur.

Backed by expertise

When automation doesn't fit, rely on a team with decades of experience in the trenches of healthcare. We will absorb the one-offs and hard cases.

Why choose Redpoint?

How Redpoints stacks up against three common integration approaches

A new wave of startups aiming to solve integration challenges with single unifying APIs, ultimately only addressing one part of the process.
Traditional vendors around since the 90s. They give you old tools then expect you to do the rest.
Businesses designed to give you a plan then will leave you hanging. A surprisingly high amount of work is left on your plate.
Pre-built interface scripts None None None

Redpoint Scripts

Pre-configured bundles of EHR integrations that solve specific workflow requirements.

VPN automation None None None

Redpoint Connectors

Streamline VPN connectivity to secure connections with any partner.

Project management assistance None None None

Redpoint Bearings

Offload project management duties to a committed team of experts.

Foundational infrastructure and compliance API Companies Interface Engines Consultants Catalyze Redpoint
Owning your infrastructure means you are responsible for its uptime and maintenance. Building out your own DevOps team can be expensive. Sometimes it's beneficial letting someone else manage the infrastructure for you.
None Sometimes n/a
The HIPAA compliant infrastructure has the ability to scale with customer demand.
Sometimes No n/a
HITRUST has emerged as the trustworthy and authoritative way to determine the validity of one's compliance claims. Most health systems going forward will only work now with HITRUST CSF Certified vendors.
No No n/a
There is a difference between HIPAA Compliant and HIPAA Ready. Are your vendors fully audited by 3rd party auditors?
No Sometimes n/a
Your compliance story is only as good as the Business Associate Agreements you have between your partners. You must have strong BAAs which cover your liabilities.
Sometimes No Additional Cost
Usability of product API Companies Interface Engines Consultants Catalyze Redpoint
EHR implementations tend to vary widely in that they are configured to meet workflows specific to the respective health system. Knowing exact workflows per health system per use case helps accelerate integrations.
Sometimes None None
Knowing which integration message type map to your data schema is no trivial task.
None Sometimes None
Aggregate interface data and make it usable through novel tools which communincate important metrics and give visibility into performance.
Yes Sometimes n/a
Once you set up an interface mapping once, you have it on file and can reuse it over and over again.
No No n/a
User experience is becoming a critically important part to speed and productivity of teams. Many older applications are clunky and hard to use.
Sometimes No n/a
Transparency and openness are important to push the future of healthcare forward. Free access to HL7 and FHIR tools will help accelerate your development process and will heighten quality of output.
No No n/a
Protocol support API Companies Interface Engines Consultants Catalyze Redpoint
Starting specifically with 2.3, but also newer 2.n versions or older HL7 specs.
Not All Yes Yes
It's a newer standard that will gain traction. If your partner supports it, you are put in a progressive position for the future.
Not All Sometimes Hopefully
SOAP, CCDA, and the rest.
Not All Yes Maybe
Financial considerations API Companies Interface Engines Consultants Catalyze Redpoint
When selecting a vendor who is only one part of the integration process, you will likely need a few integration experts on your team to fill the gaps.
Sometimes Yes Sometimes No
What is your partner's pricing model? Will you need to unexpectedly pay more? Are there other costs to be concerned about as you fill gaps? Certain approaches are costly at scale, while some become more cost efficient.
Partners should amplify your team. You want your partnerships and the expertise they bring embedded in your team so realtionships with healthsystems are stronger.
No No No
As you manage your up-front costs per integration site, do you know what partners will cost you as you scale sites?
Your integration partners should have pricing which scale with you, so costs are predictable, fair, and tied to your success.
No No No

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Redpoint features software for healthcare integration and interoperability domains to facilitate secure connection automation, intelligent workflow setup, and scalable project mangement.

Redpoint is the product evolution of Catalyze's industry leading integration services. Along with the amazing guidance of our customers, we put a lot of hard work into building it, and think you're going to enjoy it as much as we do.

Connect with the Catalyze team and an integration expert will be in touch. We would love to hear about your integration goals and how we can help.