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Get to market faster, beat the competition, and meet compliance requirements—all with fewer engineering resources.

Through the Datica Platform, our team of cloud engineers, integration and compliance experts can help you assess your business problems, ensure complete compliance on the cloud, integrate with any system, and even migrate your data to a new, efficient, and cost-effective cloud platform.

Compliance Services

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We are seeking to build confidence with many stakeholders. When I mention Datica, I get nods of recognition and no more questions asked about infrastructure.

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Gary Winzenread
Gary Winzenread

CEO and President

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The Datica platform enables you to focus on building and securing your app by managing all compliance and security obligations on the cloud.

Risk Assessment Services

Security Questionnaire Management
We will offer a service that trains customers on how and when to do security assessments on their vendors. This will likely be a part of a larger Risk Assessment package.
Development Process
As part of the larger Risk Assessment package, Datica will train customers on how to assess and track risk with each code change that reaches production.
As part of the larger Risk Assessment package, Datica will train your team how to assess and track risk with each major event that takes place within your organization.
Datica will review vendors for you, and then provide documentation and feedback for reporting.
Development Process
Datica will provide a service to review a customer’s code, and then provide testing and security related documentation.
Quality Measures Data Point Analysis
Datica will help you identify which data sets they need to send back to an EHR  system in order to support risk-adjusted and shared savings programs.

Other Compliance Services

  • Compliance Standards Training — Datica will train your team on the different types of compliance that may be applicable to them by doing a discovery of their business  and technologies.
  • Phishing Testing — Datica’s security team will test your employees on their ability to identify suspicious emails and phone calls.
  • Sales Assistance — Datica will provide sales team training on how to offer compliance and integration as a core part of their offering.
  • Penetration Testing/Security QA — Datica will run a Red team-Blue team exercise on your technology stack.

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder, CEO & Chief Privacy Officer

Christopher Gerg

Datica Chief Technology Officer & Chief Security Officer

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Consulting & Solutions Architecting Services

Datica helps me remain agile as healthcare is pressured to change to value based, consumer-focused care. They are an invaluable partner.

Dr. Michael Roebuck
Dr. Michael Roebuck


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Our initial consultation is free, but the Datica experts can help in many ways on the road to digital health success.

Datica can help enterprise teams move legacy applications into modern platforms-as-a-service. Solutions Architecting from Datica takes on this challenge for you. Our team of cloud engineers will containerize and configure a customers application to run smoothly on the Datica Platform.

Initial Investigation

To begin the solutions architecture process, a Datica cloud engineer conducts an initial investigation to fully understand the business requirements. We generate a scope of work and estimated timeframe.

Architecture Diagramming

A Datica cloud engineer generates architecture diagrams to visualize the work required.


Datica cloud engineers do whatever is needed to port or create the application: containerizing applications, configuration, code engineering, and more. You may work with Datica sales associates, business analysts, our product team, or other engineers.

Mark Olschesky

Chief Data Officer

Christopher Gerg

Datica Chief Technology Officer & Chief Security Officer

Andrew Goff
Andrew Goff

Director of Account Management

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Data Migration Services

The team at Datica understands the rapid changes affecting healthcare. They were able to help us identify data integration strategies to create efficiencies, cost savings, and foster our culture of innovation. They help me navigate the crowded digital health landscape.

Dr. Gregory Ator
Dr. Gregory Ator


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Legacy databases are a common stumbling block to liberating your apps and services. Datica is here to help your team migrate your data to the modern cloud, via the Datica Platform.

Chuck McKenzie

Director of Support

Adam Beach

Director of Cloud Operations

Christopher Gerg

Datica Chief Technology Officer & Chief Security Officer

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Integration Services

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Helping clinicians to work ‘top-of-license’ by leveraging the power of the electronic medical record (EMR) to improve physician workflows and the work lives of doctors is where the company can make the greatest impact upon healthcare.

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Chris Tyne
Chris Tyne

Vice President of Product

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Healthcare integration projects can have many hidden pitfalls and unexpected challenges. Datica can help your team visualize the way forward, refine project scope, and bring our deep knowledge of health systems to bear by making our experts available to help you work with all the players involved.

Project Management

Our team of project managers provide an expert view into integrated with EHRs and health systems. They will help manage timelines, create project plans, and track deliverables.

Connection Setup and Maintenance

Datica’s Integration Engineers will build, configure, test and maintain VPN connections to allow for transmission of HL7 messages.

Interface Build and Configuration

We will transform HL7 messages into JSON or FHIR messages to help keep things standard for you across implementations. We have many predesigned channels ready to go.

Jenn Kavanaugh
Jenn Kavanaugh

Senior Project Manager

Mark Olschesky

Chief Data Officer

Rick Wattras

Healthcare Integration Engineer Team Lead

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Our team of experts brings years of veteran experience from health systems, EHRs, compliance, and cloud platforms.

We were dying to use the cloud but were really stuck: We knew we wanted to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) but there were all these things we couldn’t do to make that work, like HIPAA compliant DevOps, HITRUST, and infrastructure security. Datica puts us in the situation where we can get back to our core competency because they handle everything we need to be able to use AWS.

David Deas
David Deas

Corporate Director, Innovation and Knowledge Analytics

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

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