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Grow your business and increase its impact on healthcare. We relieve the burdens of compliance and integration so you can focus on the important problems. Save money, create focus, and scale your company with Catalyze.

The Healthcare Industry is Transforming

Healthcare is undergoing an involuntary shift from volume- to value-based patient care. The Affordable Care Act has flipped the industry on its head. The way in which money is made is now predicated on patient outcomes and the quality of care.

How do hospitals and health systems take on this brave new world while keeping one foot planted in the past for stability? By sourcing and integrating innovative new ideas from the rest of the world.

Old Paradigm — Volume-based Patient Care
New Paradigm — Value-based Patient Care

You Will Help Healthcare Get There

You have an idea and built technology to improve healthcare.
But success takes more than an idea and technology.

You need an integration story

You need an integration story

Impacting healthcare means participating in their world—hospitals and health systems. Integrating your product with their EHR workflows is how that happens. You need an integration story, especially for scale.

You need a compliance story

You need a compliance story

Gaining greater traction within healthcare means gaining greater credibility. Compliance is the path towards trust. You need a compliance story that demonstrates you're someone who can be a solid partner.

Here is your data integration story

HL7 is a protocol from the 80s. FHIR shows promise but is only one piece of the integration puzzle. Setting up and managing VPNs is hard, specialized work. You also need to understand how and when EHRs generate data. Interface engines were built for different needs during a different era, so you must have a deep understanding of interfaces to succeed.

Meet Redpoint, your integration sherpa

Redpoint turns EHR integration into an asset for your business.
It is intelligent workflow enablement, built specifically for digital health.

Interfaces and APIs are table stakes. They aren't solutions and they aren't aligned with your needs. Redpoint enables the specific workflows you need—enrollment, scheduling, encounter creation, and so on. Workflow enablement helps you sell, implement, and gain adoption faster than ever before. Redpoint also automates secure connectivity, taking the aggravation out of VPN configuration.

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“At some point, we realized, it’s not worth it to do ourselves; we should just scale with Catalyze.”

Catalyze shares the vision of simple, scalable integrations-as-an-asset that resonates with growth stage companies, like Austin-based DocbookMD. This case study explains how we took the burden of engineering costs off a fast growing healthcare IT company and made systems integrations a core component of the company’s critical collaboration platform for physician communication.

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Here is your compliance story

Health systems and hospitals are increasingly turning to HITRUST as a prescriptive way to verify trust. To be taken seriously, you need compliant infrastructure and the demonstration of credibilty via frameworks like HITRUST. Catalyze covers all your bases with our compliant platform as a service.

Meet Stratum, digital health's platform as a service

Stratum is the compliance layer powering healthcare's transformation.
It provides mature configuration tools and scales as you scale.

Key Benefits

  • We become your healthcare-focused DevOps team.
  • Establish industry credibility overnight through our HITRUST CSF Certification.
  • Zero technology lock-in. We are built on open source technology. Leave any time.
  • You own your data.
  • Single Business Associate Agreement makes compliance coordination simple.
  • Enterprise-level SLA available upon request.
  • Support for modern languages and databases.
  • Additional utilities and deployment models give you maximum flexibility with your environments.
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"Catalyze surprised us when they proposed a customized solution; with our previous hosting company it was always – ‘take it or leave it.’"

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HITRUST CSF Certified Infrastructure

Catalyze's HITRUST Certification ensures you are working with an industry leader

Catalyze is HITRUST CSF Certified, achieving the greatest industry privacy and security standards, which means customers can trust our products—and our customers—with confidence.

Read our compliance story
Catalyze is HITRUST CSF Certified

We take compliance seriously.

Stratum is built with information security and compliance at its core. Our policies, procedures, and technology go above and beyond HIPAA compliance to ensure our users' data, and their users' data, is secure. We take HIPAA compliance seriously because we believe it is the right thing to do.

HHS and NIST Sanctioned

Our leaders are industry leaders.

The founding team at Catalyze is made up of industry luminaries. From conference keynotes to panel discussions to guest content contributions to industry regulatory body participation, our executive team is recognized as an authoritative voice on HIPAA and compliance.

Sitting at the heart of the HIPAA conversation provides Catalyze with a unique and powerful grasp on how to best achieve compliance in a rapidly changing technology landscape. It's this benefit that propels our vision forward.

A trusted partner with established healthcare organizations

We have successfully worked with all major EHRs

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