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Health System Leadership

Achieve better outcomes through trusted partnerships. Tap into our network of innovation to reduce the cost and accelerate the process of working with Digital Health.

Do More with Your Current
Team and Resources

Maximize your people

You don’t have enough people, and those people don’t have enough time. Achieving greater objectives and completing more projects with the resources available to you can sometimes feel impossible. Catalyze helps make it possible to maximize the total effort of your existing team by eliminating the burden of compliance and the inefficiency of integration. We enable your team to focus on the problems that matter.

Increase speed-to-market of projects

You have a nifty project that is sure to increase efficiencies and better patient outcomes. But it's stuck in month 8 of a 14-month process. Catalyze can fix this. We help bring ideas to market much faster than you can yourself by providing HITRUST CSF Certified infrastructure and proven workflow-based integration to your team. Our prescriptive approach to EHR integration eliminates the swirl that can easily consume the first few months of new projects with new vendors.

Reduce Risk,
Increase Leverage

Eliminate legacy lock-in

You want to be agile, but legacy systems put you in a box. Your EHR likely gives you a list of approved telemedicine vendors, and that's it, end of story. You're locked into their product, but also their ecosystem. Catalyze heightens interoperability by giving you tools to integrate whatever new ideas you want with your EHR. Go beyond the small list of EHR-approved partners.

Mitigate the risk of new vendors

Digital Health is ballooning, but who can you trust? You want to work with partners who are proven. Vendors who are vetted. Innovations that are secure, interoperable, and trustworthy. Digital Health organizations using Catalyze are on HITRUST CSF Certified infrastructure and use tools vetted by peers. You are liberated to engage with new ideas without the risk.

Catalyze Brings a
Network of Trust

Your team has enough to manage within their world. Let us complement their efforts by expanding your reach to the rest of the Digital Health ecosystem.

A few of the digital health
companies in our network


Care Management

Workflow Enhancement

Patient Engagement

Secure Communications

Population Health Management

HITRUST CSF Certified Infrastructure

Catalyze's HITRUST Certification ensures you are working with an industry leader

Catalyze is HITRUST CSF Certified, achieving the greatest industry privacy and security standards, which means customers can trust our products—and our customers—with confidence.

Read our compliance story
Catalyze is HITRUST CSF Certified

We take compliance seriously.

Stratum is built with information security and compliance at its core. Our policies, procedures, and technology go above and beyond HIPAA compliance to ensure our users' data, and their users' data, is secure. We take HIPAA compliance seriously because we believe it is the right thing to do.

HHS and NIST Sanctioned

Our leaders are industry leaders.

The founding team at Catalyze is made up of industry luminaries. From conference keynotes to panel discussions to guest content contributions to industry regulatory body participation, our executive team is recognized as an authoritative voice on HIPAA and compliance.

Sitting at the heart of the HIPAA conversation provides Catalyze with a unique and powerful grasp on how to best achieve compliance in a rapidly changing technology landscape. It's this benefit that propels our vision forward.

Zero lock-in

Catalyze has zero lock-in. We support open standards. You own your code, your relationships, your business.

You own your data

The data belongs to you. You own it and can take it with you. We’re trusted stewards to you and your data.

Enterprise-grade service

Trust is cultural at Catalyze: Support is how we establish it with you. Enterprise-level SLAs available upon request.

Stratum is the compliance layer
powering healthcare's transformation

Modern digital health innovations use Stratum
as their platform as a service

The future of value-based patient care will be powered by HIPAA compliant, scalable, interoperable infrastructure. Stratum exists to help all of healthcare transition to that future by alleviating the burden of compliance so everyone else can focus on the innovations that matter.

Learn more about Stratum

Redpoint bridges the integration gap
with digital health vendors

We hasten integrations by automating much of the process
through intelligent workflows. No extra staff needed.


Pre-configured bundles of EHR integrations that solve specific workflow requirements for digital health.

Scripts are custom-built workflows for digital health use cases. You select a Script such as enrolling patients in your application for a care management solution, collecting patient data for a clinical research platform, writing orders for a telemedicine services, or scheduling patients within patient portals. We do the rest.


Streamline VPN connectivity to secure connections with any partner. Connectors scale as you scale.

EHR integration is only part of your challenge. You also need to create and manage secure connections, typically via VPN, to health systems. This challenge grows exponentially at scale. Redpoint Connectors automate the creation and management of secure connections, eliminating that burden for you. It's magic your salespeople will love.


Offload project management duties to a committed team of experts so you can focus on your product.

Coordination with hospitals and EHRs is central to a successful integration, but it’s the single hardest component to scale. With Redpoint Bearings, the project management process is offloaded to us. Now project management is a reliable piece of the integration puzzle that scales with you as your business grows.

Interfaces and APIs are table stakes. They aren't solutions and they aren't aligned with your needs. Redpoint enables the specific workflows you need—enrollment, scheduling, encounter creation, etc.—and automates secure connectivity, taking the aggravation out of VPN configuration. It is your interoperability guide.

Learn more about Redpoint

A trusted partner with established healthcare organizations

We have successfully worked with all major EHRs

Read about real results

Rapid-Cycle Prototyping

The VA went from ideation to deployment of mHealth applications for soldiers with PTSD in record time. The results were staggering. Read the case study

Partner Integration

Zipnosis became the preferred telehealth solution for dozens of health systems by quickly integrating in a trustworthy, compliant way. Read the case study

The journey to HITRUST

Catalyze has secured two HITRUST certfications across four cloud partners—Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, and Rackspace. A joint case study with the HITRUST Alliance was published to chronical the journey. Download the case study