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Improve the innovation process by accelerating proof-of-concept development and engendering greater trust with partners.

Where Does Innovation Come From?

Internal External
20% While mathematically fewer ideas are source internally, internal teams with ideas make the most impact when managed smartly.
80% Healthcare leaders say most innovation will come from external partners. It makes sense: the Digital Health market is exploding.

Challenges with internal innovation


Prototyping faster

Legacy technology creates a lag between you and the resources you need to get started. It shouldn't take months to get a test environment set up.


Supporting technology

You should be able to choose the technology you need that best fits the idea in mind. You shouldn't be pigeoned-holed into a solution that isn't a fit.


Transition to commercialization

After establishing Proof of Concept, how do you transition to commercialization without losing the progress made? You shouldn't have to rebuild everything just to scale.


Access to the data

Modern ideas often require access to rich data in order to achieve their promise. Integration with broad datasets should be an enabler and asset, not a restrictive blocker.

Catalyze is the single platform for rapid prototyping and commercialization of innovative ideas.

Redpoint automates the connection of multiple datasources with intelligent workflows specifically for digital health use cases.

Aggregate data into accessible sandboxes to spur creative thinking. Safe, secure, and accessible data.
Standardization of data models ensures consistency and predictability with internal and partner integrations.
Increase speed-to-market by reducing the time it takes for rote tasks like VPN setup or HL7 mapping.
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Stratum is the compliance layer powering healthcare's innovative digital health technologies.

Cloud provisioning models removes infrastructure as a blocker to rapid prototyping.
Support for mHealth initiatives with APIs, storage, data models and easy-to-use SDKs.
Support for major tech stacks plus Windows via compliant Docker containerization.
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Challenges with sourcing external innovation


Considering and evaluating ideas

With the explosion of digital health solutions, it's hard to know which partners and companies have truly good ideas. You want the best-of-breed ideas.


Establishing trust

Security concerns are at the forefront. HIPAA compliance is a must. Stability is critical. It's hard to know who is vetted and trustworthy.



You need data integrity and data liquidity. You should own your data, too. How can you guarantee an external innovation will work with existing systems?



No one wants to be stuck with a vendor who goes out of business a few months after integration. How do you vet stability of your partners?

Catalyze helps you select digital health partnerships by establishing external trust—of security, of compliance, of interoperability, and of business models.

Redpoint gives you data control. Integrate external ideas at warp speed and aggregate datasets into accessible sandboxes.

Messy VPN connectivity and HL7/FHIR mapping are automated or accelerated via intelligent workflow software.
Control your data feeds with elegant and powerful software tools. You own the gateway, you own the data.
Guarantee consistency and reliability of partner data integrations through managed infrastructure.

Stratum is healthcare's compliant cloud. External partners and vendors
who use Stratum gain industry credibility overnight.

Stratum is HITRUST CSF Certified, achieving the highest standards of industry security and compliance.
The vetting process and coordination of pilots is greatly accelerated.
Early-stage partners can quickly scale on Stratum to meet growing technical demands.

HITRUST CSF Certified Infrastructure

Catalyze's HITRUST Certification ensures you are working with an industry leader

Catalyze is HITRUST CSF Certified, achieving the greatest industry privacy and security standards, which means customers can trust our products—and our customers—with confidence.

Read our compliance story
Catalyze is HITRUST CSF Certified

We take compliance seriously.

Stratum is built with information security and compliance at its core. Our policies, procedures, and technology go above and beyond HIPAA compliance to ensure our users' data, and their users' data, is secure. We take HIPAA compliance seriously because we believe it is the right thing to do.

HHS and NIST Sanctioned

Our leaders are industry leaders.

The founding team at Catalyze is made up of industry luminaries. From conference keynotes to panel discussions to guest content contributions to industry regulatory body participation, our executive team is recognized as an authoritative voice on HIPAA and compliance.

Sitting at the heart of the HIPAA conversation provides Catalyze with a unique and powerful grasp on how to best achieve compliance in a rapidly changing technology landscape. It's this benefit that propels our vision forward.

Zero lock-in

Catalyze has zero lock-in. We support open standards. You own your code, your relationships, your business.

You own your data

The data belongs to you. You own it and can take it with you. We’re trusted stewards to you and your data.

Enterprise-grade service

Trust is cultural at Catalyze: Support is how we establish it with you. Enterprise-level SLAs available upon request.

A trusted partner with established healthcare organizations

We have successfully worked with all major EHRs

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Rapid-Cycle Prototyping

The VA went from ideation to deployment of mHealth applications for soldiers with PTSD in record time. The results were staggering. Read the case study

Partner Integration

Zipnosis became the preferred telehealth solution for dozens of health systems by quickly integrating in a trustworthy, compliant way. Read the case study

The journey to HITRUST

Catalyze has secured two HITRUST certfications across four cloud partners—Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, and Rackspace. A joint case study with the HITRUST Alliance was published to chronical the journey. Download the case study