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Integration & Interoperability

Catalyze is the broker for integrations. We help expedite the process by ensuring all stakeholder needs are met and communication is air-tight.

Problem: Integrations are hard because a lot of things have to align to be successful

Integration stakeholders: Providers, EHRs, and Vendors

Stake holders have many needs.

Hospitals need to trust the vendor and ensure internal goals are met. EHRs need to know which clinical workflows to expose. Vendors need access to the hospitals secure internal network, and access to the right EHR documentation.

Communication is a challenge.

Hospitals have many process owners across many roles who must all be informed and bought-into the integration. EHRs understandably only want to expose data. Vendors often aren't sure what their requests should be and to whom.

Two truths about integration


Integrations are an on-going cost center and maintenance headache.

Owning an integration is more than the cost of setting it up. VPNs fail in the middle of the night, hard discs fill up, message feeds jam, products evolve. Worse, each new integration compounds the responsibilities. The more of the technology stack you own, the bigger the headache. The distraction of integrations are a maintenance headache, and it never stops.


Integrations are by nature point-to-point and not inherently scalable.

The heart-breaking truth of healthcare integrations is they don't naturally scale. Vendors don't integrate with Epic, for example—they integrate with a hospital's instance of Epic. Integrations are point-to-point, and must be re-invented every time a new integration between vendor and hospital is established. Creating efficiencies is an on-going battle.

Integration technology requires diverse expertise

VPN connectivity is required for every integration.

Establishing keep-alive secure VPN connectivity is not trivial, but is a requirement for every integration. Coordination between hospital and vendor is a wild-card human factor. VPNs also require an uncommon expertise.

HL7 syntax is hard. Workflow expertise is harder.

Despite FHIR's emergence, HL7 is an archaic protocol from the '80s that still dominates integrations. It's messy. But knowing how to map a vendor's data model to the best HL7 workflows requires an uncommon expertise.

Infrastructure must be HIPAA compliant.

Interface engines, message feeds, logs—the technology stack to support an integration must be HIPAA compliant. We know the challenges posed from building our HITRUST Certified cloud. It requires an uncommon expertise.

Testing before go-live is surprisingly difficult.

Creating a replicative testing environment that doesn't use actual patient data proves to be a sneaky challenge, and calls for extra, unique resources. Configuring cloud infrastructure requires an uncommon expertise.

Solution: Catalyze aligns requirements through Redpoint and our integration services

What does Catalyze do?

We establish trust between all parties.

Our HITRUST CSF Certified infrastructure, diverse industry experience, and trustworthy track record combine to help establish a bridge of trust between providers, EHRs, and vendors.

We coordinate the needs of all parties.

The key to integrations is to think of them as a process, not as an interface engine or API. Providers, EHRs, and vendors all have different needs at different points of the process. We meet those needs.

We scale as you scale.

As partnerships grow, more integrations will help fuel healthcare's transformation. With Redpoint, we scale as integration demand scales.

We absorb all on-going maintenance.

Never encounter another integration maintenance headache. The total cost of ownership calculus is completely changed because we take on all compliance and connection tasks, freeing up technology teams to focus elsewhere.

We take on the risk.

All compliance, infrastructure, and technology risk is transferred to Catalyze through our Business Associate Agreement, Redpoint, and services.

We bring automation.

For steps previously manual and painful, our Redpoint product and integration services automate certain key steps which speed up the integration process.

Redpoint is your integration sherpa.

Redpoint is more than just a cloud-based interface engine. It is your expert on clinical workflows. It aides in VPN setup and maintenance. It scales integrations and infrastructure. Redpoint is the next building block towards interoperability.

Scripts are intelligent workflows built specifically for digital health use cases.

Redpoint Scripts provide a way to automatically map a vendor's data model to the best clinical workflow within a provider's EHR system.

Connectors Streamline VPN connectivity to secure connections with any partner.

Redpoint Connectors automate the creation and management of secure connections, eliminating that burden for you. Connectors scale as you scale.

Bearings offload project management duties to a committed team of experts.

Redpoint Bearings solves the biggest human factor within integration: scaling project management.

HITRUST CSF Certified Infrastructure

Catalyze's HITRUST Certification ensures you are working with an industry leader

Catalyze is HITRUST CSF Certified, achieving the greatest industry privacy and security standards, which means customers can trust our products—and our customers—with confidence.

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Catalyze is HITRUST CSF Certified

We take compliance seriously.

Stratum is built with information security and compliance at its core. Our policies, procedures, and technology go above and beyond HIPAA compliance to ensure our users' data, and their users' data, is secure. We take HIPAA compliance seriously because we believe it is the right thing to do.

HHS and NIST Sanctioned

Our leaders are industry leaders.

The founding team at Catalyze is made up of industry luminaries. From conference keynotes to panel discussions to guest content contributions to industry regulatory body participation, our executive team is recognized as an authoritative voice on HIPAA and compliance.

Sitting at the heart of the HIPAA conversation provides Catalyze with a unique and powerful grasp on how to best achieve compliance in a rapidly changing technology landscape. It's this benefit that propels our vision forward.

A trusted partner with established healthcare organizations

We have successfully worked with all major EHRs

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