Healthcare's HIPAA Compliant Cloud

why catalyze

We make the shift

Catalyze exists to help healthcare transition to value-based patient care. We aid the innovators by enabling them to focus on their innovation, not compliance or integration.

We are experts

Catalyze is built by healthcare and security veterans with a deep understanding to what it takes to make you successful. We aren’t healthcare-friendly, we are healthcare-only.

We raise value

Catalyze raises the value of digital health data and applications by making them secure, trustworthy, and interoperable with other health systems. We align and amplify your model.

The healthcare industry is transforming

Healthcare is undergoing an involuntary shift from volume- to value-based patient care. The Affordable Care Act has flipped the industry on its head. The way in which money is made is now predicated on patient outcomes and the quality of care. How do hospitals and health systems take on this brave new world while keeping one foot planted in the past for stability? By sourcing and integrating innovative new ideas from the rest of the world.


You will help healthcare get there

You have an idea and built technology to improve healthcare.
But success takes more than an idea and technology.
You need a compliance story.
You need a data story.

1. Here is your compliance story

Some cloud vendors trick you by calling themselves "HIPAA Ready" while others are purposefully vague about your obligations. Even finding answers about making modern, cloud-based technologies HIPAA compliant is hard.

Meet Stratum

Catalyze goes beyond HIPAA, providing a HITRUST CSF Certified platform as a service which automates compliance at the infrastructure level. When you sign a single Business Associate Agreement with us, you can rest assured you are covered. You achieve industry credibility overnight.

Bring your own tech stack

Got a complicated technology requirement? Give us your hardest shot. We're flexible where we need to be.


Your data is encrypted and locked tight while at rest and in transit‐truly in transit, from end to end.


Deploy with confidence knowing your environment include monitoring for malicious activities and security anomalies.

Highly Available

Manage node performance and database clusters without the headaches through our simplified user dashboard.

Dedicated logging

Every plan receives a dedicated logging server to track all system and ePHI access safely and securely.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

All data is backed up in a fully compliant environment and is immediately available to restore upon disaster scenarios.

2. Here is your data integration story

HL7 is an protocol from the 80s. FHIR shows promise but is only one piece of the integration puzzle. Setting up and managing VPNs is hard, specialized work. You also need to understand how and when EHRs generate data. Yes, interface engines exist, but interfaces were built for different needs during a different era, so you must have a deep understanding of interfaces to succeed.

Meet Redpoint

Interfaces and APIs are table stakes. They aren't solutions and they aren't aligned with your needs. Redpoint enables the specific workflows you need—enrollment, scheduling, encounter creation, and so on. Workflow enablement helps you sell, implement, and gain adoption faster than ever before. Redpoint also automates secure connectivity, taking the aggravation out of VPN configuration.


Tailor-made workflows aligned with the needs of digital health—registration, scheduling, outcomes and more.


Streamline VPN connectivity to secure connections with any health system partner with Catalyze Connectors.


Offload the project management burden. We coordinate the delicate requirements of an integration.

Catalyze accelerates your ability to help transform healthcare

Our HITRUST CSF Certifications means you’re covered

Trust is immediately established with health systems. Credibility is earned because of our continual focus on the right way to maintain a HIPAA compliant cloud. Audits shift from business liability to sales asset.

We become your healthcare-focused DevOps team

Leverage our experience and expertise in healthcare technology to add value to your application. You can put all your energy towards building your product—the thing that actually matters.

Faster integrations focused on smarter workflows

It's proven that our workflow approach to integrations changes the conversations from a matter of months to weeks. Technical integrations change from being a bottleneck to a revenue contributor.

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